Szállítási feltételek



  • home delivery with courier service HUF 2100
  • gross FREE in case of personal collection


Delivery times may vary by service provider, country and delivery zone. The delivery fees for the specific country are offered by the system based on the address entered at the time of ordering, and you can find them listed below.

For countries not listed below, please contact us at

Austria HUF 4300

Belgium HUF 5300

Bulgaria HUF 4200

Czech Republic HUF 3400

Denmark HUF 6800

United Arab Emirates HUF 18300

United Kingdom HUF 10400

Estonia HUF 6400

Finland HUF 10700

France HUF 6400

Greece HUF 4600

The Netherlands HUF 5500

Croatia HUF 4200

Ireland HUF 7900

Israel HUF 22600

Poland HUF 3500

Latvia HUF 6700

Lithuania HUF  6300

Luxembourg HUF 8000

Hungary HUF 2100

Germany HUF 5200

Italy HUF 5500

Russia HUF 12800

Portugal HUF 4600

Romania HUF 3300

Spain HUF 5000

Switzerland HUF 7400

Sweden HUF 9000

Slovakia HUF 3500

Slovenia HUF 4200

Turkey HUF 14400

Ukraine HUF 6100

USA HUF 21200


If the ordered products are in stock, the Service Provider will hand them over to the courier service within 3 working days. The courier service delivers the product within 2-3 working days within Hungary and within 2-14 working days abroad. If a specific product is not in stock, the Service Provider will inform the Customer of the expected delivery time by e-mail or by telephone.

In the absence of a different agreement between the Parties, the Service Provider is obliged to provide (deliver) the product to the consumer without delay, but no later than thirty days after the conclusion of the contract.

In the event of a delay by the Service Provider, the Customer, who is considered a consumer, is entitled to set an additional deadline. If the Service Provider does not perform within the additional deadline, the consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract.

The consumer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without setting an additional deadline if

a) the Service Provider refused to perform the contract; obsession

b) according to the agreement of the parties or due to the recognizable purpose of the service, the contract should have been performed at the specified performance time - and not at any other time.


The service provider provides the opportunity to receive the products in person at the location of our Workshop located in the Jurányi Incubator House (1027 Budapest, Jurányi utca 1., concierge service, between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.). In case of personal collection, please wait for the confirmation phone or e-mail notification about the package prepared for delivery.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me:

Dora Juhasz

+36 70 316 4497